Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ten Days later

Since starting this blog and really getting back into the sewing I have felt dissappointed when I have nothing to show on here. So I am pleased to have two small things to show today as the big things I have spent the last two weeks making are winging their way across the oceans to their receipents in the UK. Watch this space, as soon as I have confirmation of their arrival they shall appear in these pages.

In the meantime I have started on my EB stocking filler swap and with the scraps of fabric I made this ball from Grand Revival. I plan to donate it to the toy box at church as Jot seems to be demolishing all the toys in there at the moment.

Look what R bought me. I have a tendency to overheat quite quickly (even in winter) and my old fan has been broken for some time so my gorgeous man saw this and bought it to keep me cool this summer.

and so I had to make something to keep the gorgeous thing safe in my handbag (which I swear is breeding rubbish) as I need it with me at all times.

I had no pattern and the first attempt needed to be unpicked but this one works well and will keep my lovely fan safe and sound till I need to use it.

I am now back onto Christmas presents so might have to tuck in a couple of other small things for us just so I will have something to blog about, but there will be a lot on here come January.

Bye for now
Jots Mum


Anonymous said...

should we be worried that there is a hammer on your work table with the ball? :P

Mel said...

Maybe the hammer is part of stress ball therapy? Kidding, love the ball, its' so cute, must try that pattern :)

Gorgeous fan too btw!

Jots Mum said...

The hammer was for snaps on the fan cover and various other things I am attempting at the moment. It is the only sized hammer we have in the house and it is good to threaten the sewing machine with when she is misbehaving :)