Friday, October 30, 2009

Opening Day

I woke up this morning so excited as it is opening day for the EB Beginners Sewing Swap.  My package hadn't arrived but I logged on to EB to see what everyone else had got.  The quality of sewing is great out there and there are some great swap items flying round the country.  R picked up my package from the PO this afternoon wo it was waiting when I got home from work.

The lovely Emma made a great flowery fabric basket and filled it full of soft building blocks for Jot.  One has a bell inside and another some crinkly cellophane and the other 4 have ribbons on them.  I love them and so does Jot.  The swap was meant to be for a stocking filler but I couldn't resist giving them to Jot early so she has spent the evening playing with them.  Great for after a long day at childcare. 

So now for a couple of photos to show them off.

Before Jot got hold of them

and after.  She couldn't decide between the one with the bell or the one that crinkled.

Thanks Emma not only for the lovely gift but also for organising the swap.  I think I might be addicted!

I will blog about the items I made for my swapee once I know she has opened them. so I will be back over the weekend.


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Vik said...

Oooh so cute! Does each block make a crinkle or have a bell? Such a great idea for little Jot. Love all the fabric choices.