Friday, November 2, 2012

Leaving gifts

It felt a little strange not having to post yesterday.  I kinda missed it so I think you will be seeing more of me again although I will have to do some work on the titles of my posts.

Today I had the sad job of putting together leaving presents for on of Jots childcare workers.  Now this girl 'C' is amazing.  She has been working in Jots room since Jot moved into it over a year ago and she will be missed greatly by the kids and probably just as much by the parents.  I know I will miss her smiley face when I pick Jot up each night.  Anyway ages ago she mentioned she needed a hat that had owls on it (she admits to being a little obsessed by owls) so as part of the gift I decided to make her one.  As mentioned HERE.

Jot was saying last night that she was going to miss C and I asked if she would like to draw her a picture.  Then I struck on the idea of putting it onto fabric and using it as part of a gift.  So the bag was born.  Its a shame that the print shows through so much on the picture but it is still nice and of course owls on the inside (although different owls).

I hope she likes them.

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