Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nappy Bag

A long long time ago (roughly 30 years) my Mum had this fantastic red bag that she used for air / train / car travel.  Given that at the time she had to have entertainment (and spare clothes etc) for three kids I remember said bag as being huge.  It probably wasn't but I was only little at the time.  I remember the bag as having two main compartments with two outside compartments (one of which always held our passports).

So when I stumbled across this beauty online it reminded me so much of Mums red bag that I knew I had to see it for myself.

I was able to track one down at the local Baby Bunting store and as of Friday I am the proud owner of one OiOi Red Faux Lizard Carry All Nappy Bag.  It comes with its own change mat, bottle cooler, wipes case and wet bag as well as multiple pockets (including one for passports).

I love it and although at the moment it is only doing duty for one child and doubling as my handbag, it has a long life ahead of it as a nappy bag.  As well as continuing as my handbag/travel bag for many years to come.

In actual fact it is nothing like Mums red bag but I am so glad that everytime I look at it I remember travelling as a family and as a kid.  I hope that some day my children will have as many fond memories as I do about travelling and maybe some of them will be triggered by My Red Bag.

Disclaimer: Oioi have no idea who I am I just love this bag and had to tell someone (or everyone) about it.

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