Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Awfuls and Beautifuls

As part of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy I am undertaking to address my Antenatal Depression I have been asked to fit more beautifuls (things I enjoy doing) into my day to balance out the awfuls (those things I have to do).

While I was working I struggle to do this although I think I read more than I have done in years.  Now I am maternity leave I am finding it easier to squeeze them in as well as finding pleasure in more things. 

Unsurprisingly the main one I have tried to get back to (and mostly succeeded) is the sewing and quilting.  Although I am still quite limited in the fact that the sewing machine has to share desk space with my computer until February and therefore I have no storage for any fabric or notions so if I need anything I have to get them from the garage, I have been able to get back into it.

I have finished the last Oh Beehave Quilting Bee Block for Kirsty (was meant to be sent in September).

I have also finished my Nephew J birthday quilt (his brithday was about 2 weeks ago) but stupidly didn't remember to take a photo of it complete before I sent it to NZ so hopefully my sister will take one for me when it arrives.

I have also finished the MIL quilt for her Christmas present (well still need to attach the label but it is virtually complete) but no photos of that until after she has opened it - not that I think she knows about the blog but I would rather err on the side of caution.

Finally Jots childcare is having a red and green day tomorrow to celebrate the start of the festive season (Jot keeps asking if we are going to have a tree and where Santa lives - they seem to be linked in her mind).  And having had this fabric in mind for a festive skirt for her for over a year I decided to pull my finger out and finished it about 15 minutes ago  All ready in good time.  I just adore the tassles.  I used the Oliver & S Lazy Days Skirt free pattern which can be found on their blog.  One I have used a dozen or so times in the last tow years.

Now I am going to whip up a Oliver & S Popover Dress for her to wear this summer (another free pattern from their blog).  I have some great Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile that I have been sitting on for a while.  Time to cut into it.

Anyway, I am finding it rather easy to balance my awfuls with my beautifuls at the moment (I am not going to detail all the things I have to do here) and it is really helping me to keep some focus.  Now I really need to find a way to keep it up once the baby arrives.  I wonder if I can sew with the baby in a sling.  Worth trying maybe.

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