Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm late I'm late

I meant to write and post this before R and Jot returned so I could update you all on my progress while they were away and I have failed miserably, in fact I am a week late (yes they have been home a whole week) so here goes:

The list:

5 batches of Soap - 3 complete
1 Tutu - Done and a bonus dolls tutu to go with it
1 Art Smock - Not done and my sister said probably not a good choice so will remove this from the list
1 Art Wallet - Not yet done
2 x Boys birthday pressies which I have no idea about yet - now I have lots of ideas to choose from so these will be easy
Finish my MIP Skirt (Yes I do know how long I have been saying that) - Done
Piece J&T Wedding Quilt Top - Done (now working on piecing the back)
Sandwich and Quilt the Dolls Quilt for Jots birthday - Snadwiched still to be quilted
Sandwich and Hand Quilt Jots quilt  - sandwiched still to be quilted
Knit 5 Face washers - Done with one more on my needles

And no I didn't get time to paint the spare room or make curtains for Jots room.  I did however make Lime Cordial which even though I do say so myself is completely divine.

I did get to the movies once, read 3 (yes 3) books and spent a great day sewing at the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild day.

So now I am moving on and my to do list for the rest of the year (4 months) looks like this:

J&T Quilt - Piece Back, Sandwich, Quilt and Bind
Jots Quilt - Quilt and Bind
Dolls Quilt - Quilt and Bind

Christmas and Birthday Presents
Art Wallet
Kids Tool Belts
Super Hero Capes
Cushion Covers
2 Batches of Soap
Passport Cover

Bag for me
Dress for Jot
Skirt for me

I am pretty sure there were more things to add but I am not at home and therefore can't remember what else is on my list.  I am focussing on the Christmas and Birthday presents first as it would be great it I could send some of them sea mail this year.

Jot and R are both still feeling the pain of international air travel with the jetlag hitting them more this time round (or so it seems).  I spent last week with a very cranky and clingy toddler but it will end when she gets back into the swing of things.  She is sleeping really well so I am hoping the rest follows shortly.

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