Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quick Project

Jot has been ill this week which has meant a lot of time spent with a clingy toddler sat on me and this is going to sound cruel but I love those types of cuddles, just wish she didn't have to be so ill to get them.  We are over the worst of it now (I hope) and today I felt the need to be crafty but was not up to attempt the next step of any of my Works in progress (WIP).

I have been looking at creating a dress up box for Jot for some time and have been meaning to make a tutu for the box so did a internet search for a no sew tutu and stumbled across this one from Plumtickled dated 2007 but decided it was quick and easy enough even for a very tired Mummy with a toddler attached to her ankles.  One trip to Spotlight later (where Jot had the final decision) and we were ready to go, luckily R got home about then and took Jot off to plant our new fruit trees so I was able to cut tuille in peace.  Half an hour later this is the result:

About 10 minutes later
and she didn't take it off till bath time.

Hoping this week is better and full of crafty time.

Enjoy your holiday Monday

Jots Mum

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Mel said...

I love the no sew tutu, such a great little number for guaranteed twirling fun :) must add it to my list :) great work! Mel