Monday, January 18, 2010

The MOVE!!!

Maybe one of my resolutions should have been to blog more regularly as it seems to have been some time since I was able to post.  I do have a good reason though (well actually two).  The first is little in comparison to the second.

Firstly R's parents have come to visit.  They are currently on a week sojourn to Gippsland but will be returning on Thursday.

Secondly we have moved house.  I am pretty sure I mentioned this at some point in the past, probably to whinge that my sewing had to be packed away.  We are now in our new house and are slowly beginning the mammouth task of unpacking.  How come things breed while they are in storage.  Surely we couldn't fit all this stuff into our little flat.

I meant to take some photos on moving day but have misplaced my camera and didn't think to use my phone.  However I will take some pics tonight when I get home so you can see the piles I am slowly working my way through.

Rs parents need to be warned they will be doing a lot of unpacking on the weekend.

I am also getting ready for a trip to the UK in February and I am trying to find something sewing to take with me that I can run up on my Mums machine as I am getting a serious case of withdrawal symptoms here.  My knitting is plodding along and I will take that with me but I want to sew.

Do you think if I unpack my sewing machine and stuff first I might end up in the divorce courts?

Hope those of you in the northern hemipshere are coping well with the snow.  Keep a bit for me in 2 weeks time please.


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