Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Presents

Well now Christmas is past I can show some of the christmas presents I made my family for 2009.  They all went down really well and the scarves (which I didn't get pictures of) have been worn already - bless the English weather.

So here goes:

Toddler backpack for my nephew J
(who immediately put it on and had to go ride his bike - just like Daddy)

Sew Liberated Gnome Messenger bag (at 85%)
For my sister C

Car seat strap covers
For my nephew O

Coasters for my Mum

Coasters for my Mother In Law

Well those are the only ones I got pictures of but I knitted 4 scarves and made some Hankerchiefs and some some notebook and pencil holders.

I still need to post about my new years resolutions (or maybe I should call them challenges) so I will do that soon.

Have a good day


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Louise said...

They all look fantastic! I have made a few of the sew liberated messenger bags, they are great aren't they? I'm planning on making myself another this year since my old one is definitely getting grubby :)