Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going MIA

Well as the title suggests I will be going missing in action as my parents arrive from the UK bright and early tomorrow morning and I doubt I will have much time to sew or post in the next two weeks.

So before I go I will let you know I managed to finish my mums b'day pressie (a knitting needle roll she requested) which she will be getting early as her B'day isn't till end September. I have one gripe in that I put the ribbon too high up and it once the top flap has been folded over it doesn't sit quite right to wrap the ribbon. Too late now to correct it.

My machine has now gone into hiding :( as I think M & D are going to want to eat at the dining table while they are here. I had forgotton how much stuff comes with sewing.

Well I have also started on a knitting project a watermelon beanie the lovely ladies at the CWA helped me start it off as this is my first project on circular needles (and with more than one stitch) but I am now on a roll and will hopefully be able to finish it and post it once my parents are off to NZ to see my sis.

So I am off and will return in a few weeks.



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