Sunday, September 2, 2012

Catch up

I have got seriously out of the habit of blogging.  Teething baby, cranky toddler, sleepless nights, visitors, holidays and redundancy all take their toll and my alone time has been spent either trying to sleep or trying to figure out where I go from here work wise.  Neither of which inspires much blog post ideas that wouldn't bore you all to death so I have been in a blog waste land.  I have been reading other blogs though and after a weeks break came back to 400 posts on my reader.  I didn't realise I followed that many blogs :).

So what has got me back here well I saw a 20 Day Challenge on The Organised Housewife Blog actually I think I saw it on a lot of blogs recently and decided to get on the bandwagon with the hope of having a tidy and clean house as well as getting back into blogging.

So I signed up today and have been downloading the pre-challenge checklists to print tonight and put into my binder.  I am also setting aside time tomorrow when R has both kids at swimming to set up my cleaning caddy etc.

Then it is back to the homework that the career transition people have me doing to get myself ready for the job market again.

However I have had some sewing time.  I know its a shock isn't it.  I finished the Mondrian quilt back (athough have yet to sandwich them) All my photos are on my other pc but I really will get a photo of it up soon.

I have also made a pair of dungarees for CT from the worst pattern I have ever tried so although I like them I will be hunting for a better pattern for the next pair.

Also went off to the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild Sit and Sew day in August and managed to finish another Swoon Block and a half so we are now half way through the top.

Oh yes and I made a birthday present for my Mum (which I love so much I had to be persuaded to wrap it up and gift it)  She hasn't opened it yet so no picture (even if I had one on this computer).

It doesn't sound like I have achieved much but if you add in the baby and toddler I feel like I have been climbing Mt Everest and still have a long way to the top.

I really want to get back into blogging so am hoping that the 20 Day Challenge and Blogtoberfest (I hope it is running again this year) will help me get back into the habit.

The Organised Housewife

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Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Hi there!
Funny you should mention: we ARE running Blogtoberfest again this year! You can find all the info at:
And we're kicking off this Monday! Would love to see you there.
Kat xxx