Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life without the internet

It has been peaceful here recently and I now really realise how much of a time waster the internet is. Seriously I had so much time to read and sew etc etc etc. I think if we didn't have the internet for Skype I would be tempted to do away with it completely - doubt R would let me though.

In the last couple of weeks I have made:
1 summer top for Jot (that is too short so I might gift it)
1 pair of denim pants for Jot
2 skirts (1 for Jot and 1 for A)
1 crayon roll
and I quilted Jots quilt (pictures will follow when I have added the binding)

I have also been teaching Jot how to thread beads. Everytime I go near my sewing machine she follows me saying "sew, sew, sew" so I thought it time to introduce her to a needle and thread. She is only two so I tried lacing cards (she doesn't really like them) and then stumbled across the big wooden beads at Spotlight and decided that they would do (she has only tried to eat them once). She is getting really good now and is quite happy to thread beads while I am sewing on the machine. At the end she has something to wear for the rest of the day (and once she has gone to bed I cut the thread and replace all the beads in the jar for another day.

In addition we had to transition Jot to a 'big' bed.  She was not impressed with her cot infact the terrified screaming could, I'm sure, be heard from the other end of the street.  We are still not in a bed but on a mattress on the floor and my hope is that we will be able to pick up the bed before Christmas and can officially be in a big bed then.  That way I can give her the big bed quilt for Christmas.

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