Saturday, September 19, 2009

Its been a while

Well after a great visit from my parents, going back to work and various bouts of sickness for various family members I am back on track (well not exactly but I can fool myself can't I?)

It was Jots first birthday last Tuesday and I can't believe how fast the last year has gone. We are having a small get together tomorrow morning which will be nice and she got lots of nice presents.

When I look back on the last year (which has been tough) it has been interesting to me that I found my sewjo when life was looking its toughest and since have found the courage to start (and finish) projects both with my sewing machine and knitting (which I only learnt in 08). So while my beautiful baby girl grows so do I.

So on to my most recent triumphs. I attempted a watermelon hat for Jot (typically I get it finished as Spring arrives but hopefully she will still be able to get some use from it next year) which is nearly finished as I can't seem to find the black wool I bought to use for the seeds - typical :). It was the first time I have used round needles (and love them) and the first time I had used double pointed needles and even the first time I had decreaed stitches. A lot of firsts and given all of that I am fairly happy with the result. It has given me confidence in knitting hats so I am on the case now for a Christmas present of two.

Secondly as I retruned to work I decided to make myself a bag to cheer me up. It has taken three weeks to complete thanks to various bouts of illness that have laid R and I (& Jot) low over that period. I used upholstery fabric and I think it looks great but it was a nightmare to sew. Next time I will use less substantial fabric. Another idea for Christmas presents.

So now I am working on a knitted teddy for Jot (a trial run) and have yet to decide on my next sewing project although I have signed up for a Kids stocking filler swap on Essential Baby (EB) which is for our beginners sewers group. More info to follow.

Now for pictures I don't know what I have done but you will have to look at the next post (no idea why they won't appear in this one)

Have a good weekend


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